Thursday, January 9, 2014

RSS Feeds for Geoff Gannon and Matt Levine

Two of my favorite financial writers are Geoff Gannon and Matt Levine. I learned much of what I know about investing by reading Geoff's posts on Gurufocus, while Matt's posts on the financial world on Dealbreaker and Bloomberg View are always amusing and insightful.

The one problem with both of these writers is that there isn't an RSS feed available for much of their work. Though Geoff blogs extensively at Gannon and Hoang on Investing, his Gurufocus work isn't available there, and since it lacks an RSS feed, it can't be accessed by a blog reader like Feedly. Similarly, there are no RSS feeds available for Bloomberg View columnists.

Thus, I created my own feeds for both Geoff's posts on Gurufocus and Matt's on Bloomberg View.

They're somewhat imperfect, especially the Geoff Gannon feed, which regularly returns an error message because he no longer writes on Gurufocus regularly. Nevertheless, I hope you find them useful!

Update (3/6/2014): Bloomberg News has changed its format for Bloomberg View contributor articles to, among other things, include an RSS feed next to the contributor's name. Unfortunately, their new format is also incompatible for my custom feed for Matt Levine. Thus, in the future, you can access Matt's posts on an RSS reader through Bloomberg News' feed at:

Update (6/17/2014): Gurufocus seems to have updated its format for the URLs of writer pages, which means that the above feed no longer works. Fortunately, they now provide an RSS feed for each of their writers. Geoff's RSS feed, which does the same thing as the feed I created above, but better, is

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